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Top Floor Epoxy is professional Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating applicator for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential floors.  Our company offers a wide range of verities in Epoxies and Polyurethane concrete floor coatings.  We also perform grinding and polishing for concrete and terrazzo floors.  Our coating has the tendency to provide a surface to your floor that is seamlessmonolithic, dust proof, easy clean, low maintenance, antibacterial, hygienic and resistant to harsh Chemicals such as acid and alkalis.  It is widely used in chemical and Car plantsparking lotsgarages, storagesaerospaceware houseskitchens etc.  Particularly recommend for sterile areas of pharmaceutical plants as it complies with their very high GMP standards.

About us

Top Floor Epoxy has over a decade of experience and extensive knowledge in application and laying of various 100% solid solvent free Epoxy Concrete Seamless Flooring systems..


Systems & Uses

We offer a complete turn-key service in floor enhancement and improvement from specification and supply, to complete laying of various specialized seamless commercial flooring systems.



Applying coating to a properly prepared floor surface is the difference between success and  failure therefore in surface preparation we take extra care to achieve optimum coating result.



Few of our satisfied respected clients from Industrial, Commercial, Institutional & other sectors are!


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Top Floor Epoxy has been in business for over a decade and specializes in the application and laying of 100% volume Solid, Solvent Free High Build Epoxy Self Levelling, ¼” Epoxy Resurfacing / Screed Flooring, Conductive Epoxy FlooringEpoxy Terrazzo/Granite FlooringEpoxy Decorative Coloured Quartz Flooring, Resinous Solvent based Epoxy Flooring, Urethane Coloured/Clear Top Coat Flooring and Grinding & Polishing concrete & Terrazzo floor.

We are committed to working closely with engineering consultants, architects, and production & maintenance engineers to develop solutions to their current flooring issues and work toward understanding any future flooring needs.

Top Floor Epoxy offers a complete turn-key service in floor enhancement, from material specification and supply to complete installation of coatings. Our work is warranted.