Case History

ESD Epoxy Floors

Project: L-3 WESCAM, Toronto/Burlington, Ontario

Manufacturing Optical Mechanical Lenses & Aspheric comp

Top Floor Epoxy Inc.

Primary Construction Ltd

July 2012

Area Installed
8,500 Sq. Ft

System Applied
– Duochem 9400
1 coat at 20 mils
– Duroplast 600
2 coats at 3 mils each
– Duochem 6030
2 coats at 1mils each
Color: Light Grey W-1604

Surface Prep

Mechanical surface preparation planetary diamond grinding and filling with Epoxy mortar.

Technical Information

Duroplast 600 is high solid Epoxy Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Coating, specially designed where static disseminating, permanent conductive flooring is required, meets ANSI / ESD S.11.11 requirements, resistance from 1 million to 1 billion ohms from one point to the other.