Surface preparation is key to the successful application of the epoxy coating applied onto the floor surface.Keeping this in mind, we prepare the surface extensively to ensure that the coating adheres onto the surface properly for an extensive period of time. In order to achieve this, we use state of the art equipment (Heavy duty planetary diamond grinder, diamond polisher, Innovatech Ride on Terminator machine, Metabo hand grinder, Blastrac shot blaster / scarifies etc) to prepare an ideal floor surface to which the  coating can be applied onto.


The application of the coating applied on the prepared surface varies from client to client and surface to surface. Top Floor Epoxy Inc. offers expertise in the application of various different kinds of floor coatings ranging from High Build Epoxy Self Leveling Flooring, High Build Clear Epoxy Flooring, ESD Epoxy-Electrostatic Dissipative Flooring, Epoxy Colored Silica Quartz Flooring, Epoxy Terrazzo/Granite Flooring, Urethane Clear & Colored Coatings and many more.


After the application of the base coat, further coats maybe applied depending on the floor specifications provided. Often, a final clear sealent coat is applied in this stage to seal the coating off from any external damages that it may be suspectible too .

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