We offer a complete turn-key service in floor enhancement and improvement from specification and supply, to complete laying of various specialized seamless commercial flooring systems.

Our proposed Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating Systems has been designed accordingly to the customer’s floor area application, requirements and their needs. Detail as under.

Systems & Uses

System 1: Self Leveling Epoxy / High Build Epoxy (100% Solid, Solvent Free)

This two component having 12-16 Mils film thickness seamless Epoxy Flooring system is designed for industrial and commercial floors.

  • 100% Solid Solvent Free Epoxy Primer
  • 100% Solid Solvent Free Epoxy Self Levelling

Use For: Pharmaceutical / Food / Health units / Recreational complexes / Aerospace /Auto & vendor plants Garages / Parking lots / Institutions

System 2 – Trowelled Epoxy Flooring system (100% Solid, Solvent Free)

This three component 4-5 MM thick seamless flooring system consists of 100% solid Epoxy and silica quartz aggregate is preferable choice for resurfacing high abuse floor and heavy duty industrial and commercial flooring applications.

  • 100% Solid Solvent Free Epoxy Primer
  • 100% Solid Solvent Free  three Component Epoxy Sand/Aggregate Mortar Trowelled
  • 100% Solid Solvent Free Epoxy Top Coat (Non Skid or Smooth Finish)

Use For: Warehouses / Food / Laboratories / Power plants / Electronic plants / Chemical Plants/ Aerospace /Auto & Vendors Plant / Storage and logistic area / Parking lots etc.

System 3 – Static Dissipative, Conductive Epoxy Flooring

This system is comprised of two component Epoxy primer and two component static dissipative coating having conductive element and grounding plates

  • 100% Solid Solvent Free Epoxy Primer
  • Apply 3M Copper tape around the perimeter
  • (ESD) Electrostatic Dissipative Coating
  • Wear Resistant Epoxy Static Dissipative Clear Coating

Use For: Floor requiring static disseminating & permanent conductive flooring that prevents electrical shock.

System 4 – Elastomeric Waterproofing Polyurethane Membrane System

This interior water protection system consist of flexible polyurethane thick elastomeric waterproofing membrane with added wear resistant topcoat surface, designed specifically for mechanical rooms etc.

  • Stretch Coat
  • Membrane
  • Base Coat
  • Grout / Top Coat

Use For: Mechanical Rooms, Pedestrian walkways and other areas requiring waterproofing and sound deadening.

System 5 – Epoxy Terrazzo/Granite Style Flooring (100% Solid Solvent Free)

This decorative seamless Epoxy flooring system consists of 100% Solids epoxy and decorative chips, it gives Terrazzo like finish with low cost and easy maintenance, best for commercial floors.

  • 100 % Solid Epoxy Clear Primer
  • 100 % Solid Solvent Free Epoxy Finish
  • Vinyl/Acrylic Flakes
  • Epoxy / Polyurethane Clear Top Coat

Use For: Local Car Garage / Basements / Offices / Grocery Stores / Laboratories etc

System 6 – High Build Epoxy Concrete Clear Finish (Solvent Free)

This 12-14 Mils 100% dual nature Epoxy flooring system is designed for coating industrial and commercial and Institution floors as well, , best to be use as dust binder, preferable choice for commercial floors.

  • 100% Solid Solvent Free Epoxy Clear Primer
  • 100% Solid Solvent Free Epoxy Clear Binder / Top Coat

Use For: Grocery stores / Super Stores / Outlet Stores / Institution etc.

System 7 – Epoxy Colored Quartz Broadcast system (Solvent Free)

This 1.5 decorative seamless Epoxy flooring system consists of 100% solid epoxy and colored Silica Quartz aggregate designed for various commercial and industrial flooring.

  • 100% Solid Solvent Free Epoxy Primer
  • 100% Solid Solvent Free Epoxy Binder
  • Broadcast colored Quartz on wet Epoxy Binder
  • 100% Solid Solvent Free Epoxy Top Coat

Use For: Food plant, Offices, Laboratories, Grocery stores / Super stores / Outlet Stores etc.

System 8 – Self Levelling Underlayment System

This 3-4 MM thick decorative seamless Self-Levelling underlayment polymer modified binding system that provide non shrinking, smooth and durable surface, designed for various institutional and commercial flooring.

  • 100% Solid Solvent Free Epoxy Primer
  • Broadcast silica sand for better underlayment adhesion
  • Self-Levelling underlayment
  • Wear resistant Epoxy Clear Top Coat (optional)

Use For: Showrooms, Office, Laboratories, Grocery Stores, Super Stores, Outlets Stores, etc.

System 9 – Ultra-Floor High Gloss Polishing System for Terrazzo & Concrete

The Ultra-Floor Hybrid Poly-Lithium High Gloss Stain and Wear Protection Finish system is designed to produce an extremely hardened, deep penetrated, dust proofed and superior reflective surface that impart chemical, abrasion and stain resistance to dull concrete and terrazzo floor.

  • Grinding with metal diamonds followed by resin bonded grit (250 – 800 grit profile)
  • Floor-Sil hardener / densifier
  • Floor-Guard Poly-lithium hybrid high gloss stain and wear protection surface finish

Use For: Grocery Stores, Shopping Malls, Institutions, Residential & Commercial Floors.