We offer a complete service in floor enhancement and improvements from specification and supply to the complete application of laying of various specialized commercial flooring systems. Our proposed epoxy concrete floor coating systems are designed accordingly to the customer’s floor area application, requirements and their needs. Details are provided as under.

System 1 – Self Leveling Epoxy / High Build Epoxy (100% Solid, Solvent Free)

System 2 – Trowelled Epoxy Flooring system (100% Solid, Solvent Free)

System 3 – Static Dissipative, Conductive Epoxy Flooring

System 4 – Elastomeric Waterproofing Polyurethane Membrane System

System 5 – Epoxy Terrazzo/Granite Style Flooring (100% Solid Solvent Free)

System 6 – High Build Epoxy Concrete Clear Finish (Solvent Free)

System 7 – Epoxy Colored Quartz Broadcast system (Solvent Free)

System 8 – Self Levelling Underlayment System

System 9 – Ultra-Floor High Gloss Polishing System for Terrazzo & Concrete

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